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Green Rock Catering Supplies Ltd is your one-stop producer and supplier of all catering disposable items needed for the “On the Move”, “Take Away” and “Food to Go” sectors.

This new company compliments Green Rocks existing paper cup and lid manufacturing company and from its base in Wrexham supplies all types of catering disposables, from cutlery to burger boxes, soup or salad bowls, plates, food trays, pizza boxes and everything in between, all in sustainably sourced paperboard, with the choice of standard PE, Aqueous Dispersal or certified Plastic-Free coating options.

With the very welcome ban on plastic cutlery and plates imminent, Green Rock Catering Supplies gives customers a genuine alternative range of quality products and competitive solutions for all the aforementioned sectors. Available in plain or bespoke printed formats.

Mike Gardner - Director of Sales for Green Rock Group, says: “As a company we set ourselves up to bring the best possible eco options to market, a market that is looking to replace plastic packaging and protecting the environment. Being focussed on Next Gen materials and products we believe the creation of Green Rock Catering Supplies means we are able to offer the whole range of consumables and help the industry switch to more eco-friendly alternatives now.

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